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According to Ancient Greek myth, there were several examples of what might have been vampires. They were not considered to be undead though. They used the terms Empusa, Lamia, and stringes to describe them, but time evolved the first two words into witches and demons respectively. Empusa and Lamia are both actual people referred to in myth, but stringes is the strix of ancient Roman mythology. Stringes were thought to feed on children and young men. They have been seen in Homer's Odyssey. According to Wikipedia, "In Homer's tale, the undead are too insubstantial to be heard by the living and cannot communicate with them without drinking blood first. In the epic, when Odysseus journeyed into Hades, he was made to sacrifice a black ram and a black ewe so that the shades there could drink its blood and communicate."

More modern Greek belief is actually in something called βρυκόλακας, vrykolakas, though also referred to as καταχανάδες, katakhanades. The belief in vampires became so widespread that it became a custom to dig up their deceased after three years, coat them in wine, and let a priest say a prayer over the body. If the body did not appear appropriately decomposed, they had other methods of dealing with the so-called vampire. They had reasons they believed that someone became a vampire and perhaps the corpses dug up that met these requirements were thought to be a vampire without any sufficient evidence. If someone had been excommunicated, had desecrated a religious day, committed a great crime, or died alone, the body was suspect.

As you can see, the Greeks have had a history that involves vampirism. My Spellbound series has its own unique connection between Greek myth and vampires. That is why I am giving away a signed set of the first three books in the Spellbound series (Bound to Remember, Unbound, Bound to You) to one lucky entrant. This giveaway is open to US residents only and the winner will be selected using via rafflecopter.

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