Scavenger Hunt

Last month, there was a scavenger hunt about all of my books. It's a little over due, but it's time to pick the winner!

Congratulations to Stephanie Martin Patrick!

Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop
1) Please make sure you indicate where in the world you will ship your book/prize to (US Only, Int., etc…) next to your name in the sign-ups 2) Please copy the link code and post it on your giveaway. We appreciate a link back to this blog. 3) In order to get the word out before the hop, please post the Hot Autumn Nights button/badge on your sidebar, and on the day of the blog, please have the image on your post. It just makes it very recognizable for visitors. 4) The topic is autumn nights. “What’s your idea of a hot autumn night?” Hot tubs, hot cocoa with your honey, or snuggling in front of a crackling fire? Pretty much anything goes. But please keep it PG13. 5) You must include a giveaway (can be a book, gift card, book swag, etc).Readers should be able to enter with only a comment (no signing up, following, etc unless they are additional options) 6) LIMITED TO THE FIRST 100 ENTRANTS. Grand Prize! In addition to the giveaway at each blog, one commenter from the tour will win at least a $55 gift card to Barnes & Noble. We are accepting donations to increase the size of our Grand Prize and if this is something you’d like to do, you can send your donation ($1 to $5 would be great!) to and please put in Hot and Deadly Blog Hop in Paypal’s description.
Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop
The Rules Sign up using the LinkyTools list below. Sign up closes on Saturday 26th October 2013. Please have SPACES in your blog name. Long strings of characters will break people’s blogs and I’ll be forced to remove you or edit your name. Please state whether your giveaway is international or otherwise by including INT, US, US/CA etc after your name. Include the hop button on your blog side bar and link it to this page. Code is available below. Your giveaway MUST go live on October 29th at 12:01am, regardless of where you are. Sites will be checked on October 29th and those without a giveaway will be removed. Your giveaway MUST be related to paranormal romance heroes in some way, whether that’s a book / ebook, paranormal romance swag, or paranormal romance prizes in general, such as jewellery, etc. Consider writing a short piece about why you love paranormal romance heroes, what it is about them that makes you tick, or even sharing an excerpt from your favourite paranormal romance! Your post MUST include the Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop graphic, and must link to the two host websites. I’ll provide information closer to the time via email. Please also include the LinkyTools list (you can get the code by clicking the link below the LinkyTools list) Remember, it’s nicer to include the script than just link to the host blogs. It’s all about sharing the love. Most of all. Have some fun!
Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop
According to Ancient Greek myth, there were several examples of what might have been vampires. They were not considered to be undead though. They used the terms Empusa, Lamia, and stringes to describe them, but time evolved the first two words into witches and demons respectively. Empusa and Lamia are both actual people referred to in myth, but stringes is the strix of ancient Roman mythology. Stringes were thought to feed on children and young men. They have been seen in Homer's Odyssey. According to Wikipedia, "In Homer's tale, the undead are too insubstantial to be heard by the living and cannot communicate with them without drinking blood first. In the epic, when Odysseus journeyed into Hades, he was made to sacrifice a black ram and a black ewe so that the shades there could drink its blood and communicate."

More modern Greek belief is actually in something called βρυκόλακας, vrykolakas, though also referred to as καταχανάδες, katakhanades. The belief in vampires became so widespread that it became a custom to dig up their deceased after three years, coat them in wine, and let a priest say a prayer over the body. If the body did not appear appropriately decomposed, they had other methods of dealing with the so-called vampire. They had reasons they believed that someone became a vampire and perhaps the corpses dug up that met these requirements were thought to be a vampire without any sufficient evidence. If someone had been excommunicated, had desecrated a religious day, committed a great crime, or died alone, the body was suspect.

As you can see, the Greeks have had a history that involves vampirism. My Spellbound series has its own unique connection between Greek myth and vampires. That is why I am giving away a signed set of the first three books in the Spellbound series (Bound to Remember, Unbound, Bound to You) to one lucky entrant. This giveaway is open to US residents only and the winner will be selected using via rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Wicked Warriors Halloween Hop
This October, we will be giving away a GRAND PRIZE of a Kindle Paperwhite for the "Wicked Warriors Halloween" blog hop. Authors, we invite you to join us and help sponsor this great hop. We are asking for donations of funds for the grand prize or gift card if the winner is international, along with the donation of your books if you are an author to go on the E-Reader or the international gift-packages. There is going to be ONE winner for the E-reader, plus 5 winners for autographed signed copies of Unbound. The e-reader will come with a digital copy. THE RULES 1. Posts must be up at midnight on the 23th. We will be checking!! Any post not up by the allotted time will be deleted from the event. So if you are in a different time zone, post the night before. It is ok to be early but not ok to be late. 2. Posts must include the hop button which we will be sending out to you a week before it is supposed to go live. 3. Posts must include the linky list, the links to the next three bloggers, or a link back to BTS Hop Page. We want everyone to be able to hop to all the sites. 4. Your giveaway can be anything but it must include either something book related (print books, e-books, gift-cards, swag, reading lights) or Halloween themed. Designers are more than welcome to join in as well and offer services, different buttons or blog design items, as well as packages.
VBT Cafe 1

Defying Fate is on tour with Virtual Book Tours Cafe starting today. To follow along with the tour, check out the schedule below. Also be sure to check out Fate's Design (book 1 in the series) is on sales until Nov. 1st for $0.99!

October 21 - Introduction at VBT Café Blog
October 23 - Guest Blog at Reader's Cubby
October 25 - Spotlight at Deal sharing aunt
October 28 - Spotlight at A. Literary Mafia
October 30 - Spotlight at Bottles & Books Reviews
November 2 - Spotlight at
November 5 - Guest Blog at Brooke Blogs
November 7 - Reviewed at Crossroad Readers Book Review
November 11 - Guest Blog at Lori's Reading Corner
November 13 - Reviewed at A Generous Helping of Romance
November 15 - Review & Interviewed at Dalene's Book Reviews

Welcome to my Two Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. I am giving away a Kate spade bag and $50 cash in gift cart (visa or Amex) Cash value $300 to one amazing fan. You can only enter once and the winner will be selected using Good Luck!